About Us

Welcome to the MOVING WATER Trading World!
The main intention, since the beginning, was to learn to survive and try to save some people from losing everything.

Trading World is a very dangerous place, only an elite group will survive through time, there is no room for mistakes.

It doesn’t mean that is possible to get it right all the time, but some mistakes are deadly, and some people will never recover from that.

Most technical analysis give you on average 50% chance of working and that is their accuracy, which is just like flipping a coin, and it is not something you can live off.

NO: INSIDER or GENIUS or WHALE, it is more about been hard-working.

We have not missed one day of trading and learning, since we decided to quit the boring job, and begin to live from trading.

The Moving Water- New Trading Perspective, was born on December 2017, and is a Unique Technical Analysis System that has been proving to work on any Trading Market, even on Crypto Market, including Long and Short Trades, with consistency and a great accuracy.

The first principle that was identified on the creation of the Moving Water is that Market is Not Rigid, and does not respect rigid forms, because, like the waves, has a flexible flow.

Therefore, the Moving Water perspective does not grounds it’s Technical Analysis on traditional graphic trading patterns, or perfect drawings, but on the market flow.

The main mistake traders insist on committing is to consider the same graphic patterns to different market moments. Before using a pattern it is necessary to understand the market flow.

We are not worry about quantity of information and signals. Quality on accuracy will always be the leader, if there is no good information and signal, we will not post any, because, if there is a higher probability to lose money, it is not worth it.

Although, if you are looking for a magic formula, you came to the wrong place, we don’t sell easy dreams. Even with the signals, it is necessary to do your own diligence, manage your budget, diversify your portfolio, program the stop losses, and be ready technically and psychologically, for some temporary or permanent loss, depending on the trader profile you choose to be.

Our main project now is to create an elite group that can survive through rough seas and heavy storms of the trading world.

So, if you are ready for hardworking and getting really serious about trading you came to the Right Place.

Join Us, Great Things Are Coming!

We offer our members a bilateral identity privacy policy. We don’t ask for our Members identity and on the same way don’t reveal the M.W. team identity.