About Website Improvements and about BTC going to 6900 (advanced plan)

Hello advacend subscribers,

We are happy to announce to you that we are preparing a much better website for users, very soon to be launched, and deliver a much better service for users.

Just to clear up something about:

Even though we did say BTC was going to $6,900 or $ 6,500, as below links, we also want to let you know that next time we will make a chart on every price update, and place it on Technical Analysis website division, to let it easier for users to know about the information, and make it more clear, about our predictions.

Quote was posted on  Aug 1st. the following link : Click here

“(…) For now, we are monitoring the market and waiting if it wants to reach: U$ 6,900 or U$ 6,500 on BTC, which could become good entry points. It is possible to see that it was wise to get out below $7,770, or  after it broke support at U$ 7,700, because it is already losing $ 7,500, so if you were on a BTC trade, and got out, you did cut your loss as soon as possible.”

Sorry for any Inconvenience trying to access the website, we are working to make it better, and some technical problems just happened.

Thank you for understanding, and choosing

Moving Water