Trading is always attached to high risks, even if you decide to be conservative trader. Companies and Countries can bankrupt and cryptocurrency projects can fail, and that means shares, securities and coins could drop heavily in a short period or even disappear.

So, it is not a place to bet everything trusting on a 100% accuracy magic formula. If that is the case, you came to the wrong place, we don’t sell easy dreams.

Even with the signals, it is necessary to do your own diligence, manage your budget, diversify your portfolio, program the stop losses, and be ready technically and psychologically, for some temporary or permanent loss, depending on the trader profile you choose to be.

Trading is about managing risks within high accuracy Technical Analysis, combined with good fundamental analysis, among other diligences.

It means that losing money is part of trading, and that some mistakes are deadly. That is the reason we do not recommend Beginners to trade, but learning.

We are not worry about quantity of information and signals. Quality on accuracy will always be the leader, if there is no good information and signal, we will not post any, because, if there is a higher probability to lose money, it is not worth it.

If you don’t  Lose All Your Money on This, You can already call yourself a winner, and to reduce overall risks this is what we advise:

Beginners: Don’t Trade (Bullish/Bearish) Market – Don’t Trade Bull Trap – Don’t Borrow Money
Intermediate : Trade Bullish Market Only (Low Risk) – Don’t Short – Don’t Borrow Money
Advanced: Trade Bullish or Bearish Market ( Low Risk) – Don’t Trade Bull Trap – Don’t Borrow Money
Experienced: Trade Bullish or Bearish Market ( Medium Risk) – Trade Bull Trap (Low Risk) – Borrow Some Money
Top: Trade Bullish or Bearish Market (High Risk – Big Money) – Trade Bull Trap (High Risk) – Borrow Some Money

Market never happens at once, there will always be many moves inside the waves if you look close enough.

When we spot a Trend or a signal, it does not mean it will go at once, unless we say so.

Even on our buy/sell signals we do not guarantee any profit, because market is not an exact algorithm, and as said before, there are always risks involved on countries, companies and cryptocurrency projects that are unpredictable.

All we offer here: is an understanding of the market flow, trying to spot good trading waves with the most probability to happen, using a  technical analysis system with high accuracy, combined with fundamental analysis and other factors and informations.

Good Luck and Good Profit

Moving Water