Altcoins to Approach Perfect Spot – Waiting our Trades Triggers (advanced plan)

Hello Advanced Subscribers,

I have updated all of you that IOTA, ETH, and BTC trades are now paused and waiting for the best entry.

Those trades are not invalidated, only the last entry points were invalidated because BTC lost an important support at U$ 7,700, and Altcoins are still very connected to the Bitcoin price, so follow it.

But, as we see a good ground on BTC, we will re-activate all 3 charts, and targets, because the best timing and bottom price are very near, and that is clear on the Moving Water Technical Analysis.

Many altcoins are approaching their December and April bottoms in terms of BTC prices. With Bitcoin in an uptrend, those levels could act as pivot points and spark some Altcoins runs.

Not every coin is approaching those lows. So, we are searching the best option and trade opportunities.

This could cause all alts to rise at once, or it could start triggering massive runs like popcorn.

On December 2017, we saw events like this occur, but it was also related to the start of Bitcoin futures; At some time, altcoins started to heat up as Bitcoin began to stagnate.

In that time we first saw events play out like this:

  1. Bitcoin and only Bitcoin ran while alts stagnated.
  2. Then we saw alts catch up a bit.
  3. Then we would see random alts here and there make epic gains.
  4. Then the gains started coming more rapidly for alts while Bitcoin stagnated.
  5. By the end of that whole deal many coins had increased by more than 1,000%.

The best possible move was to be in Bitcoin all the way up, until Altcoins hit their lows, in December and then to have shifted into Altcoins.

But, you had a very short window of opportunity to do that, and this is why we are not taking the chance to stay out of the market, and we got stopped out.

A good move, when that happens is to be in BTC and then to gradually average BTC into Altcois.

Those who get anywhere close to timing the bottom of the Altcoins are likely to see a big pay day, and Moving Water is working very hard to give you that.

At this moment, we are at a point where some Altcoins have a lot of room to go up.

Getting the perfect timing is never easy, and that is why we need to accept a controlled risks, as we try to get in, and also accept some loss, with the limit of a STOP LOSS.

But, it might be worth trying to catch some falling knives, and the real bottom, because very fast altcoins could reach it’s all time high (highest prices ever).

Minor Altcoins may offer the best rewards and have some of the best setups for crazy recoveries.

But the Top 20 by market cap, are generally Safer coins, and if you want to take a smaller risk, they are the best ideas. 

Thank you for Choosing 

The Moving Water