How to Keep Profit Earning During the Nightmare?


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Most important thing is to not trade most of the time, only trade when there is very good profit earning probability with a very low risk.

So, 5 to 1, is a good key to preserve your capital.

5 being the profit possibility and 1 the possible loss.

Most retail investors adopt a HODL mentality, the strategy of holding a coin for long-term growth.

Never trade long term on cryptocurrency or any other asset with a high risk!!

Get in and get out as soon as possible.

There are ways to a quick profit, that do not require you to stay on inside for a long time.

If you do not know how to day trade, or do swing trade, we are almost done to deliver a trading course.

If you do not want to trade, and just want to leave your money there, we know how to earn a  1%- 5% average profit monthly, by just leaving your money there.

That is called Arbitrage. It is the practice of taking advantage of a price difference between two or more markets.

We are almost ready with a course on Arbitrage.

For example, an arbitrage opportunity is present when there is the opportunity to instantaneously buy something for a low price and sell it for a higher price.

To find an arbitrage opportunity is an essential step. There are two major kinds of the crypto arbitrage:

  • Arbitrage between exchanges
  • Arbitrage within an exchange.

We will deliver a course on Arbitrage if you want to earn money from it.

That is the only way, so far secure to invest on cryptocurrency, by just leaving your  money there.

We also invest in arbitrage and so far it has been doing good.

Profit is not very high but it is a way to just leave your money and have a passive income, because you will not have to work so much to get the result, after you have the first step done.

What is a passive income?

Passive income is when you continue to get paid after the work is done. This includes royalties from books, movies, or songs and also revenue that comes from real estate investments or business investments where you don’t have to be present to earn it.

Some passive income ideas take a degree of upfront work to earn, like writing an e-book and some don’t take any effort at all, such as investing with a robo advisor.

Having passive income streams may not replace your entire salary if you were to lose your job but having something coming in is better than having nothing coming in. It can keep you from depleting your emergency fund and can help keep you from sliding into credit card debt.

Pursuing some of your passive income ideas can also speed your path to financial freedom.