BTC/USD => Up or Down? Whats next? => 6,68%

Hello Followers, Bitcoin is trying to establish a ground, but it is not possible to say that it is ready. As we posted before, price needs to break USD 4,200, and hold above it. Price moves are starting to look good, but there will be more correction even if it does confirm the reversal. Next … Continue reading “BTC/USD => Up or Down? Whats next? => 6,68%”

How to Keep Profit Earning During the Nightmare?

  Hello Subscribers, Most important thing is to not trade most of the time, only trade when there is very good profit earning probability with a very low risk. So, 5 to 1, is a good key to preserve your capital. 5 being the profit possibility and 1 the possible loss. Most retail investors adopt … Continue reading “How to Keep Profit Earning During the Nightmare?”